Cool Celebrity Interior Designs

Hate or love them, famous people got the dough to design a cool looking house. Obviously, we all commoners can’t afford to design like them unless we sell a billion rabbit burger. This guide is pure 100% to inspire your design brain and to be less of a celebrity stalker.

Zooey’s design style stood out for me. Look at those gorgeous dark blue. So much contrast with the white floor. Some more she is so pretty. Stalker alert.

Celebraties Interior Design

Four Ways To Design A Cozy Bedroom

There are many interior design styles when it comes to bedrooms. Some like a luxurious bedroom whilst others prefer a cozy bedroom where they can come and relax. Designing a cozy bedroom is not so difficult, and to make it easier there are interior design principles to follow. It is important to get create an overall feeling of comfort, so consider lighting, color, accessories and above all your bed.

First of all it is important to consider the type of lighting. In a cozy bedroom the lighting should be soft and gentle. It may initially be tempting to install one large ceiling light in a bedroom but if you want to create your own personal space, you should consider adding smaller lights as well. By all means do add a ceiling light but make sure it is not too harsh. Smaller lights are very effective when it comes to create the right atmosphere. Placing a couple of smaller lights on bed side tables would help, and a small light on a dresser will help as well. You should also invest in lamp shades which soften the light.

The bed itself is of the utmost importance from an interior design point of view. It is often the focal point of the room, so making it look inviting is the best way to add a cozy effect. One way of doing this is to use comfortable a throw, or comforter, which makes you feel you want to snuggle up under it. Add some nice cushions as well for that extra special touch. At the bottom of the bed, you could even drape a blanket or two. Blankets used to be quite boring, but they now come in some great colors and materials which will further help to create the desired effect. Wool blankets are fine but new style fleecy blankets can be much more inviting to snuggle down under.

Floor rugs can make a bedroom cozy as well. They should be nice and soft for you to put your feet on first thing in the morning. If you have chosen a colorful throw for your bed, you may want to make the rugs a bit less colorful. Using too many colors may not give your new look bedroom that cozy feeling. Above all, you would want to be able to relax in your bedroom.


Drapes, or curtains, are very important. They can be used to brighten the room up, or keep light out. If your bedroom is orientated to the south, you can use some darker color drapes to deal with excessive light. Alternatively, if your bedroom is orientated to the north, you should try to use a lighter material which will let more natural light into your bedroom.

Surprisingly, we do spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. Most of us have hectic lifestyles, so to have a sanctuary to come home to is important. Using interior design to create a cozy bedroom is something we should do, in order to help to deal with the stress of daily life.

Really Easy Home Decorating Ideas

So people always have the mindset that home decoration takes a lot of effort and it really put people off. Just keep it simple and in no time you will finish decorating your room interior design.

One of the decorating idea is to use paint. People are scared to paint their room. This is because they have to seal off the whole room and they don’t want to mess thing up. One great idea is to paint one wall. One well-painted wall can make a huge differences.

Next will be to use artwork. Artwork can be inexpensive and it can be very personal. Example, you can use old National Geographic map, old calender, old big picture frame or basically anything that is old and rusty.

Throw pillows can also be use to enhance the look of the room. When it’s in fall season, use warmer colour tone and vice versa for summer. Very easy to do and it won’t cost you anything much.

My Favourite Interior Design Quotes

“My main objective is determining how a space will feel, not how it will look.”
– Terry Hunziker

“For without the private world of retreat man becomes virtually an unbalanced creature.”
– Eleanor McMillen Brown

“A person with a real design flair is a gambler at heart.”
– Billy Baldwin, interior designer

“A great chair should look as if it could spring at you and take you in its arms.”
– Roger Banks-Pye

“I’m for style – fashions change too often.”
– Coco Chanel

“The dining table is the last retreat of the old values and more human scale of past.”
– Patrick Dunne

“A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words.”
– Barry Dixon, interior designer

“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s wellbeing.”
– Albert Hadley

“Interiors speak! Rooms emphasize whether one exists or lives, and there is a great difference between the two!”
– Van Day Truex

Living Room Design Guide

The living room is the heart and soul of the house. It’s where we mingle and interact with one another. How we interact with each other determine the quality of our life. Positive and nourishing interaction often give more meaning to our life. Thus we are more likely to experience happiness and calmness.

Comfort and function is high priority in the living room. People are there to relax and have a enjoyable time. The ladies especially are hardwired to socialise in group and the living room is the best place for that. Gossiping is not an option here.

There are five interior designs of the living room. Each of the design serve a purpose. A quick breakdown of each design:

1. Focal point design – put something to focus on like fireplace, tv and bookshelf.
2. Conservation design – sofas can be group together to ease talking.
3. Kid-friendly design – use a table to separate the kid’s area and adult’s space.
4. Visual balance design – balance the tall or large items across the room with similar visual weight.
5. Symmetry design – put similar thing across each other.

Living Room Design Guide

Space Saving Furniture

Space is a premium in small houses. A family with 2 kids in a tiny house is too much. That situation is common worldwide with cost of house skyrocketed and land is getting expensive, we have no choice to find a solution.

This video provide the perfect solution to the problem: How to add functionality without sacrificing on space? Go watch the video and you find the answer.

I found that bed take the most space and I really like how they ‘fold’ the bed to the wall so to speak. Great solution.

Six Tips To Design An Eco-Friendly Kitchen


It is important for homeowners to rethink the impact of their cooking spaces on the environment through kitchen interior design. It is a fact that every single kitchen plays a role in adding more load to the environment. However, homeowners can design their kitchens to be more energy efficient, environment friendly and less wasteful. This is due to the fat that eco-friendly kitchens reduce carbon footprints, lower the costs of energy and are sustainable.

There are many affordable and easy ways of going about the process of kitchen renovation to come up with a green cooking space. Magazines, wood and tires can be recycled and re-purposed into ingenious yet appealing glassware, furniture and fabrics for decorating the kitchen. Here are some great tips to design an eco-friendly kitchen


Kitchen countertops should not just be easy to clean, but also durable. IceStone is a green option for countertops that is made from recycled concrete and glass. The products come in all sorts of colors to choose from and cost about $75 for every square foot. Quartz is another option that comprise of natural materials and price ranges from $70 – $120 for every square foot. Recycled hemp or paper can also be used on kitchen countertops with price ranging from $90 to $120 for every square foot.


Kitchen cabinets to be used in a kitchen interior design project should be free from formaldehyde and made using solid forest wood, or even wheatboard, made from wheat straw. Go for low-VOC or water based paints for finishes that are not toxic. Using cabinets made from recycled resources is a perfect way of designing a green kitchen.


Flooring materials should be durable and sound environmentally. Although linoleum is old-fashioned, it is made entirely from natural materials and cost about $3-$4 for every square foot, making it perfect for flooring. Wood flooring made out of bamboo, forest wood or even cork is also an excellent option with cost per square foot ranging from $10 to $11. Floor tiles made of concrete solutions are given finishes using natural color pigments and their cost per square foot is about $15.

Faucets and Sinks

A green sink is made of recycled copper or stainless steel (costs ranging from $450 to $800), or even salvage yards. Go for a faucet that features an aerator for injecting bubbles into the stream in order to produce even pressure at a lower volume as a way of saving water. This can cost anything from $200 to $400.


Since the backsplash is the kitchen’s focal point, choosing a natural material to design this feature is important. Eco-friendly flooring and recycled glass tiles cost about $20 for every square foot, making them an excellent option for the backsplash.


Ovens, cooktops, refrigerators and dishwashers must also be environment friendly. Unlike conventional cooktop models, electric-inductions cooktops use electromagnetic energy when transferring heat to the pan, making them more energy-efficient. Microwaves can help save energy up to 80% and opt for ovens with the Energy Star sticker. Purchase a refrigerator with the same energy star label and go for a suitable size. Modern dishwashers use sensor technology to tailor the quantity of water needed for cleaning utensils. Therefore, unlike traditional methods of washing dishes using hands, less water is utilized. Look for the energy star label when buying this appliance.

Bonus Tips

Install spacious glass windows to let in enough air and light into the kitchen. An efficient water filtration system can help save water. All the kitchen accessories used in kitchen interior design should also scream green for an environment-friendly cooking space.

Interior Design Around The World

There are many interior design ideas around the world. Different places like to use different ideas based on their cultural, social, income level and many more.

You can use these ideas at your house. Just pick and match the idea that move your design soul. The guide below is really good at giving details information and highlight the design aspect that shine.

Oh, this guide will save you money instead of jetting to different part of the world to learn about their interior design.


Designing Your House The Simple Ways